El Socorro Cup of Excellence 2021 2nd Place

$33.00 USD

Pre-orders are open at this time.  This coffee will roast and ship on Monday 12/13

A note from Paolo: 

"Back in 2012, I had my first sip of coffee from El Socorro, a world-renowned farm in Palencia.  Its profile and sweetness jumped right out of the cup, and was unlike anything I had ever tasted before.  Since then, it has continuously proven itself to be at the top of the Guatemalan coffee world, winning 1st place in the Cup of Excellence 2020, with many more accolades in years prior.

We are extremely lucky to have the chance to present this coffee to you this year.  Fans of Guatemalan coffee will enjoy the noble characteristics of this washed Gesha: malic, complex, bright and sugary.  Dig a little deeper, and we get tropical pineapple, jasmine, and a stunning vibrancy that only exists in the finest of coffees. 

We hope you are as excited as we are for this offering.


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