Tricolate Filters, Version 2 (100x Count)

$16.00 USD
The Tricolate has become a favorite of both casual and serious home-brewers alike, sporting a combination of the best elements from today's top rated brewers.

Effortless Extraction
  • Made from BPA-free Tritan Plastic, providing temperature stability in  your brew
  • Built-in shower screen disperses water evenly throughout the coffee bed
  • Laboratory-grade Paper filters (100x pleated, German made) are fitted to the bottom of the brewer, ensuring little to no bypass when seated correctly


  • Because the brewer promotes little to no bypass, you can use less dry coffee to water weight.  
  • The brewer is able to brew 1-2 cups per filter
  • Each brewer comes with a set of paper filters, and a carrying case that doubles as a brewing decanter

Version 2

  • Increased thickness of filter plate, allowing faster, more even flow through the brew bed
  • Carrying case that doubles as a brewing decanted included
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