The Family Subscription

$40.00 USD

Made for multiple coffee drinkers in one house:

Our Family subscription is a cost-efficient way of getting incredible coffee at an excellent price point:

- You will receive one 2lbs bag of whole bean coffee from our menu (no blends). The coffee that will be sent is at the discretion of the roasting team, and will rotate every two weeks. 

- You get it for $40, with shipping included (UPS Ground/Fedex 2-day). That's $.88/cup (at 20g/cup).

  • You can choose how often: weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.

FREE SHIPPING on the life of your subscription.  Unsubscribe anytime.

Note: We roast on Wednesdays.  We ship out Monday-Friday.  If your subscription gets processed on a Saturday-Tuesday, you will receive the previous week's roast.  If your subscription gets processed on a Wednesday-Friday, you will receive that week's roast.

Subscription Schedule:

6/17-6/28 Kainamui PB (Kenya)

7/1-7/12 Insani AA (Tanzania)

7/15-7/26 Kayon Mountain Natural (Ethiopia)

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