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It might be a little early to call this one of the top 5 coffees of the year.  But we are.  Oolong Tea, Blackberry with a tingling crisp apple acidity makes us go wild for more.  A true example of the finest profile a washed bourbon can produce.

Located in the Western Province of Rwanda, the Nyungwe Washing Station sits as the collection point for around 1000 smallholders. Run by the Rwandan Trading Company, this washing station primarily collects landrace bourbon that is grown between 1900-2000 MASL.

Under the Rwandan Trading Company, farmers are automatically enrolled into an  agronomy training program and go through through modules of basic agricultural practices and financial literacy.

Region Western Province, Rwanda 
Altitude 1900-2000 MASL
Process Washed
Varietal Bourbon

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