Nguisse Nare

$32.00 USD
Standing near the top of all Ethiopian coffees is coffee from Nguisse Nare.  His vibrant coffees have wowed even the harshest "natural" critics: high-intensity citrus and tropical fruit are followed by caressing florals and jasmine.  A truly delicious coffee for the ages.

Sitting atop a ridge at 2300 MASL in Bombe, Nguisse Nare’s 10 hectare farm “Setame” is planted with variety 74158 intercropped with taro and sweet potato. With his two other farms—one in Kokose, one in Tiburo—he produces natural and anaerobic coffees using his own cherry as well as cherry collected from around 60 of his neighbors. When we visited in December, we spoke with Thomas Tosha, the farm manager at Setame, as well
as Demisse Turuma, the Industry Manager (the term of choice for the resident postharvest processing expert) while touring Nguisse’s drying station and farm.  

He floats his cherry before drying them slowly on raised beds over 20 days.

Region Sidama Bensa Bombe, Ethiopia
Altitude 2250 MASL
Process Natural
Varietal Variety 74158

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