Bekele Yutete

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We aren't sure which coffee is better: this or Nguisse Nare's lot.  In any case, it is up for you to decide.  This air-freighted lot is incredibly zesty and juicy (think kumquat and mango's offspring) with complex tropical fruit and perhaps the most perfumed profile we've ever seen in a natural. 

Bekele Utute’s brother-in-law manages his farm in Kokose, which was the 5th place winner in the Cup of Excellence in 2021—a lot named after his nephew, Samuel, who manages Bekele’s Kokose drying station.

At his farm, he grows primarily 74158, common to the quality-focused farms around Bensa. Like at his other drying station near Dembe—where he was born into a family of coffee growers—Bekele produces dry processed coffee at his Kokose site, which he purchased in 2019. He used to sell coffee to local suppliers before obtaining his export license in 2021, exclusively producing dry processed coffees (traditional naturals and anaerobics) for export to the U.S. and Korean specialty markets. 

Region Sidama Bensa Kokose, Ethiopia
Altitude 2250 MASL
Process Natural
Varietal Variety 74158

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