Mahal Aqeequl

$26.00 USD
The Mahal Aqeequl drying station is home to some legendary profiles: this specific lot starts off with warm graham cracker and clove, and is followed by zesty kumquat and juicy pastry (think pain au raisin). This is a real winner of a coffee.

Shabbir Al-Ezzi works with Cafe Imports to bring in this stunning lot.

The ways that Al-Ezzi does business in Yemen's coffee market is substantially different from the norm:

  • Farmers are paid a high base price for bringing their coffee to Al-Ezzi's own or participating receiving stations, and are given premiums for coffees that meet certain standards of moisture, quantity, and quality selection.
  • Coffee farmers are voluntarily issued ID cards, which are used not only as a point of pride and respect but also to keep track of their deliveries and ensure proper, timely payment.
  • Each farmer's individual contributions are meticulously recorded, which means the coffees are traceable down to individuals—highly unusual in a country where the average farmer produces less than 100 kilos of cherry.
  • Fresh, ripe red cherries earn an additional premium over dried cherries (how coffee is traditionally sold at market), as buying fresh cherries allows Al-Ezzi to ensure ripeness and quality before drying, and to control the drying process for evenness.

Region Mahal Aqeequl Haraaz, Yemen
Altitude 1900-2440 MASL
Process Natural
Varietal Tuffahi, Dawairi, Jaaadi

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