February 5, 2024

A Note from Paolo

Coffees from Africa always seem to come with a bit of magic and mystique.  Heralding from far away (far from New York, at least), the coffees that make the long travel across the ocean always come with a bit of adventure imbued in every sample.  This is especially true when talking about coffees from Rwanda and Burundi.  While they mostly grow landrace bourbon, the two countries continue to produce such different cup profiles. 

Rwandan coffees this year are exciting.  They seem to have that extra bit of magic dust: slightly higher acidity, slightly higher concentration of sweetness, more freshness, etc. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Quality Control at the Rwandan Trading Company

Who was this purchased from?


This coffee was produced by the Nyungwe Site Washing Station.  This station is run by the Rwandan Trading Company (exporter).  This was imported by Falcon Coffee (importer).

Is washed coffee still "in"?

Very much so, and one taste from this cup will remind you how good a washed coffee can be.  The export/import team have done a wonderful job at preserving the coffee's "freshness". 

Is Bourbon supposed to taste like, well, bourbon?

Not quite, but it can be confusing.  When we speak of bourbon (bor-bon) in the coffee world, we are mostly referring to the varietal that has taken root in many parts of the coffee growing world.  The bourbon varietal is famously known for its clarity and sweetness.