March 25, 2024

A Note from Paolo

Long-time buyers of Regalia will know how enthralled I am with Pink Bourbons.  These are notoriously difficult to roast: the beans themselves aren't the densest, yet they are difficult to develop in the roaster.  Unsuccessful attempts will result in an herbaceous, grace-less cup profile.  Do it just right, and you have a juicy, floral, and incredibly sweet cup.  

This is our first time buying Don Carlos Ramon Diaz's coffee through our partners at The Coffee Quest.

Don Carlos Ramon Diaz next to some coffee plants.

Why are there so many Colombian coffees on the menu?

To quote Ryan Brown from his book "Dear Coffee Buyer"

"Close your eyes (at least figuratively) and imagine an origin that has every other origin's flavor profiles locked up inside of it. Now open them; you've imagined Colombia." 

Is the fruit itself actually Pink?

Yes it is! Thought originally to be a cousin of Bourbon, the Pink Bourbon is now understood to actually be an Ethiopian Landrace.