Nery Rioja

$18.25 USD
Nery's coffee is clean and buttery.  Those that will enjoy this coffee will enjoy this creamy mouthfeel, with a slight dry currant finish.  A lovely example of high quality from Jaen as of late.

Producer Nery Rioja grows this coffee on his small 2.5-hectare plot at the La Lucuma farm. The farm is situated at 1900 MASL and grows Caturra only.

Once picked the coffee is rested in sealed bags under shade for 16 hours before being pulped. After pulping the coffee is fermented for 30 hours. After fermentation the coffee is washed, sun dried for 30 minutes to allow for drainage then moved for drying again where it will rest for 18 to 24 days. 

Region Jaen, Peru
Altitude 1900 MASL
Process Fully Washed
Varietal Caturra

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