Gicherori AB

$19.00 USD $21.50 USD
We are putting this incredible coffee on sale after roasting too much of it for the recent Fellow Drops feature.  We will have this on sale from today through Sunday only!
This Kenyan lot is the cleanest we've tasted all season: floral tea, lychee, and fruit candy make up this incredibly pleasant lot from the Gicherori Factory.

Gicherori is blessed with clean water: from the adjacent rivers to the natural waterfalls, the society is top-notch when it comes to water use and management.  Located east of Nyeri, the Kibugu Farmers Coop Society uses the area's natural resources to process some of the cleanest coffee to leave Kenya this season. This lot is wet-fermented for 72 hours, before drying on raised beds. 

Region Embu, Kenya
Altitude 1650 MASL
Process Kenya "style": wet fermentation for 72 hours 
Varietal SL28

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