Gesha Village Gaylee

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Pre-orders are open at this time.  This coffee will roast and ship on Monday 12/13

A note from Paolo: 

The coffee from this lot is some of the most perfumed, juicy coffees in existence.  If you purchased the Honey Illubador Forest from a few weeks ago, expect this coffee to be more delicate and floral, which a hint of tropical fruit.

Gesha Village is a 471-hectare farm with high elevation, ample rainfall, temperate climates, and fruitful ground. Rachel and Adam started to select wild Gesha seeds from the neighboring Gori Gesha forest and planted these among the indigenous trees.

Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton developed a passion for coffee while producing a documentary about Ethiopian coffee in 2007. They fell in love with Ethiopia, its people, and the coffee. Their path led them to Willem Boot, a coffee educator, and an authority in the field of Gesha coffees.

After intense training from Willem, Rachel and Adam returned to Bench Maji to search for the perfect spot for a coffee farm. After months of searching, they found a beautiful untouched piece of lush land; the future Gesha Village. Just a stone’s throw away from the birth grounds of the famous Panamanian Geisha. In 2011, Rachel and Adam finally revived the legend of the Ethiopian Gesha coffee.

Region Bench Maji, Ethiopia
Altitude 1800-2000 MASL
Process Natural "Dry" Process
Varietal Illubador Forest Gesha


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