Efren Ortega

$25.75 USD
Efren's anaerobic natural Pink Bourbon is one of the cleanest, most balanced ones ever. Magnolia, Red Berries and Mango dominate this structured, creamy cup.

Efren has been surrounded by coffee since he was born. His family has always been involved in coffee cultivation. Following his father's tradition, Efren acquired his farm two years ago. He saw this as an opportunity to increase the production of exotic varieties, such as pink bourbon, geisha, and others; but also to experiment with innovative processes, such as natural or different types of anaerobic fermentation (lactic, alcoholic, with added fruits as pineapple or infusions).

Only ripped coffee cherries are harvested. Cherries are selected by density and sanitized. The anaerobic fermentation is done in tanks, sealed without the presence of air and with a pressure relief valve for a time of 13-15 days. Then the coffee cherries are placed on air-flow canopy beds and dried for 21-26 days.

Region Palestina, Colombia
Altitude 1730-1790 MASL
Process Anaerobic Natural
Varietal Pink Bourbon

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