February 19, 2024

A Note from Paolo

Back in November, we blind cupped a few lots from Cafe Imports, and found that 3-4 lots had really stood out.  Attached are my notes from that cupping:

Date Cupped Cupping Notes Quaker % (out of 88g) SCA Score
11/05/2023 Burgundy, Tropical, Heavy Mouthfeel, Mid-low Clean Cup, Very very sweet, big fruit qualities 12.60% 86.25-86.5


I was sure I had stumbled upon late-arrival Kenyan harvest lots, and was really surprised to find out that it was actually Sumatran coffee.  We were really interested, and wanted to inquire more about the narrative behind these coffees.

Asman Arianto next to his raised beds.  

Who was this purchased from?

This was imported by Cafe Imports. 

I thought Sumatran coffees were supposed to taste...

Dirty/Smoky/Vegetal/Peppery? A lot of the coffee in Sumatra is sold through an intermediate party who then sells it to a mill for preparation.  Because of this, a lot of the time the cherry isn't allowed to fully dry and stabilize before the parchment is removed.  Asman owns his own mill, and is able to carefully craft the narrative of his coffees by controlling each step of the process. 

What else is cool about this coffee?

This coffee's blend of cultivars have roots in the Robusta family!  Both Catimor and Timor are classified under C. Canephora.