Kirinyaga AA Lot 1119 Roast Data

Batch Size - 20%

Total Roast Time - 08:01

Development Time Ratio - 23.8%

BT Charge Range - 350F*

BT End Range - 382F*

Moisture - 12%

Water Activity - Unknown

*Probes are 3mm in diameter. 1" into the roaster

Notes from Paolo:

Interesting thing to note here that fly crop Kenyans roast a bit differently from main harvest.  Not sure whether this is because of the different transit times to the US, but fly crop harvest Kenyans seem a bit denser given the same moisture content and bean size.

Wanted to err on the side of more development on this coffee, as Kenyans are notorious to develop well.  I think at these settings, we're looking at incredible blackberries and depth.  We get a little grit, but this is most likely due to it being a regional lot.

This reminds me of the great AA's of yore...

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