Box Kite Roast Data

Batch Size - 55%

Total Roast Time - 10:26

Development Time Ratio - 23%

BT Charge Range - 392F*

BT End Range - 401F*

Moisture - 11%

Water Activity - Unknown

*Probes are 3mm in diameter. 1" into the roaster

Notes from Paolo:

We wanted to approach the Box Kite blend gently, as we knew their baristas were going to approach the espresso aggressively with equipment we know will extract efficiently.


Very eager to approach this coffee with a big more heat and longer time after first crack.  The sample roast of the arrival sample was lacking in structure, and it just showcased how dense this lot was.  This coffee opens up quite late: mid hot to warm these coffees will seem a bit two-dimensional,  but as it gets into mid-warm thats when the coffee really starts to show off.

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