Baroida Roast Data


Batch Size - 55%

Total Roast Time - 10:05

Development Time Ratio - 19.75%

BT Charge Range - 380F*

BT End Range - 383F*

Moisture - 11.8%

Water Activity - Unknown

*Probes are 3mm in diameter. 1" into the roaster

Notes from Paolo:

One of the first things I recommend you do when you open this bag is just to smell the coffee, unground.  Tell me that doesn't smell like honey!

There seems to be a a very small range of "acceptable" development on this coffee: too little and its quite underdeveloped, too much and it seems like we've lost the intrinsic deliciousness. This specific AA lot is a diver (a coffee whose ROR likes to dive at or after First Crack), so we are hitting it with a gas dip to help keep it alive through FC.

That being said, we are seeing sweetness and character that is more vibrant than any Kenyan I've sampled from the previous harvest.  The world is changing...

Feel free to contact Paolo at for more questions on these coffees.