Introducing NYC's Newest Roasting Collective

We are thrilled to offer New York City's newest fully-equipped roasting collective. Here's what co-founder Scott Rao had to say about it:

Last year I had plans to open a cooperative roastery in LA but various problems with the landlord and the building forced me to cancel that project, I'm sorry to say.  However, I've been quietly involved in a similar project in NYC and it is now open for business.  

I'd like to introduce Regalia Company, a boutique roastery and shared roasting space.  I've teamed up with my friend Paolo Maliksi to open Regalia and to fill a need in NYC.  Sure, there are other places where you can rent time on a roaster, but Regalia offers a few unique features you won't find anywhere else.  Regalia is just one subway stop from Manhattan and straddles the border of Queens and Brooklyn.  At Regalia we offer discounted rates to roast on our 15kg Mill City roaster, perhaps the most customized, feature-laden roaster on the market. 

At Regalia you're welcome to store your own green coffee or buy some green from us (we have ample storage).  If you're new to roasting and want some coaching, Paolo is available to help at no charge.  Once clients are up and running at Regalia, I'm available as a resource, offering free coaching and consulting to our partners. 

Among other features at Regalia, we offer a fully-stocked lab with an EK grinder, cupping supplies, vacuum-sealing machine, DE1PRO espresso machine, and Fetco batch brewer.  As well, I'll be at Regalia a couple of times per year to offer classes, tastings, and coaching for clients. 

Whether you have a café in NYC and would like to save some money and support your own brand, or whether you just want to roast coffee for clients, we'll work with you and support you in any way we can. 

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