New Coffee: Yachi Kachise | Yachi Kachise Co-Op

Another gem from the Jimma zone: this main harvest offering is bursting with raspberry, rose hips, and a stone fruit-like sweetness.

Yachi Kachise cooperative was established in April of 2006 with an initial 100 farmer members. Members of the cooperative are all coffee growers, as their lives depend on the cultivation and selling of the crop. Coffee generates the majority of the farmers’ income.

There are currently over 110 members of the cooperative with increasing membership. The cooperative site is about 65 km from Jimma and 415 km from Addis Ababa. The coffee-processing site is only 500m from the main road. Coffee cultivation areas can be found between 1,600 and 1,800 m altitude.

The area surrounding the cooperative is hilly and covered by natural forest. Coffee plantation covers over 1,090 ha of the total area. Within the area around the cooperative, about 18,000ha are dedicated to coffee. Farmers maintain their trees because of the natural shade provided by indigenous forests. 

Yachi Kachise farmers do not use any agrochemicals on their coffee, making it natural and organic. The wet mill receives its water from an uncontaminated perennial river. Pulp byproduct is used in composting and wastewater is filtered by strips of vetiver grass and then evaporated in a lagoon area. Permanent workers include accountants, storekeepers, and guards. During processing season, the cooperative hires daily laborers that work on drying tables along with nighttime workers.