New Coffee: Odo Shakisso Gd.1 / Shakisso Washing Station

Our first main harvest from Ethiopia is a stunner: jasmine/honey dew-like qualities permeate throughout the cup and leave a long lasting stunning finish. 
This coffee is exported a “Guji” in accordance with the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange (ECX) classification system. Under this system, all the coffee produced within the Guji area is called “Guji Coffee”. This coffee has a clear cardamon, black tea flavour, coming from producers whose farms are located at altitude ranges from 1770 (in Shekiso, for example) to 2100 metres. Guji is on the side of Gedeo and it is a very big area. It being the birthplace of coffee, combined with notoriously changing the perceptions of coffee drinkers about what coffee can taste like, Ethiopian coffees court especially high expectations and attention year after year. Perhaps more than any other origin, coffee roasters look to Ethiopia to provide both stand-alone knockouts, as well as that little something to round out an espresso blend. Time and time again, the “Queen of Coffee Origins” delivers, despite a frankly labyrinthine and constantly evolving coffee auction and export system. Year after year, coffee buyers eagerly make their way through Addis Ababa and into the countryside, in search of the next fabled cup.